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GhostWritingAE is UAE’s top-notch and well recognized ghost writing service provider that have been pushing authors worldwide towards success! We help authors shine brightest in the over-fierce literary sphere, and rule the best-selling shelves with books, printed under their name.

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Step In The World of Literature By Taking Top Ghost Writing Services in UAE

Hire premium and experienced ghost writers of UAE who are dedicated to giving perfect words to your story, and working on your terms. The writing and editing specialists work cordially to make certain that the results are error-free and flawless so that they are instantly accepted by the popular publishers of UAE. Every literature write-up is an outcome of creativity, blended with intellectual and writing expertise to give an impelling force required to be the masterpiece, it was envisioned to be! We support authors to become the best-selling and famous authors they always wanted to be. Give your audience what they want to read, and live in their hearts forever.

Fastest Turnaround
Guaranteed Privacy

We promise our clients a safe, secure, and confidential experience.

Reliable Ghostwriters
Reliable Ghostwriters

Complete ownership rights are transferred to the client at the time of delivery.

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We offer ghostwriting of unbeatable quality at the cheapest prices possible.

Affordable Service
Professional Writers

Professional authors who have ghostwritten thousands of books.

Guranteed Privacy
Fastest Turnaround

We know how to beat the clock and finish the word before the deadline.

Unlimited Edits
Unlimited Free Edits

We keep on editing the draft for free till the customer is totally satisfied.

Step In The World of Literature By Taking Top Ghost Writing Services in UAE

Becoming an author was never this easy before until GhostWritingAE arrived on the scene. Just tell us about your unique idea, and we’d write your story and help you get it published under your name – without anyone knowing about it! It’s that simple.

See The Real Brains Behind GhostWritingAE

It calls for a collaborative effort, hard work and dedication of the employees to help a company achieve a skyrocketing success. Following are the real brains behind GhostWritingAE who have taken the company to new heights:

Shekha Zaroon
Shekha Zaroon Senior Ghost Writer
Graham Edith
Graham Edith Operations Manager
Hayden Sawyer
Hayden Sawyer Customer Support Expert
Beckett William
Beckett William Professional Proofreader
Clover Charlie
Clover Charlie Expert Editing Manager
Harper Wyatt
Harper Wyatt Recruitment Manager
Years of Experience 10+ Years of Experience
Expert Ghostwriters 600+ Expert Ghostwriters
Stories Written 2M+ Stories Written
Service Available 24/7 Service Available
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Hire a professional ghost writer in UAE and bail yourself out from the hurdle of writing, and hand over it to our professionals today.